Little Known Facts About cologne.

أكان شيطاناً ، مسخاً أم شبحاً لانسان؟ جسده الضئيل قد يوحي بذلك هذا الكم الكبير من اللامبالاة ، البرود والحياة وحيداً هي ما تشير لذلك

بالمرث الساخن والبارد سيحاول الوصول لغايته الغريبة -ستقابل الكثير من الكلمات الغير معتادة نوعا ما في تلك الترجمة , ولكن سهل معرفة معناها بالاحداث- ليحقق اهم عطر في حياته

ومع كل الرائحة الزفرة حوله في دكان السمك، او رائحة باريس العفنه..يولد جرينوي بإعاقة شاذة...فهو بلا رائحة مميزة، بل بلا أي رائحة علي الأطلاق، ليس هذا فحسب بل أن سوء الحظ وشؤمه يقع علي كل من تولي رعايته وهو صغير حتي ينتقل في سن الثامنة للعمل في مدبغ جلود بائس

وسرحت في إزاي لما كنت باشتري عطور من المطارات والمحلات في الأماكن اللي سافرت لها كانوا بيجربوها بالرش على ورقة مستطيلة ويهزوها في الجو قبل ما يناولوهالي .

Enfleurage: Absorption of aroma elements into strong Extra fat or wax and after that extraction of odorous oils with ethyl alcohol. Extraction by enfleurage was frequently utilised when distillation was not possible since some fragrant compounds denature by means of significant heat.

ولهذا نتعرف في النصف الثاني من هذا الجزء علي الماركيز اسبيناس ذو الاكتشافات العلمية الغريبة، والتي بفضلها ينجح في أشفاء جرينوي ليصير إنسانا طبيعيا ظاهريا

Whilst not customarily regarded as a flower, the unopened flower buds from the clove are also generally utilized. Most orchid bouquets will not be commercially used to produce vital oils or absolutes, except in the case of vanilla, an orchid, which must be pollinated to start with and made into seed pods in advance of use in perfumery.

Extra a contemporary descendant of Edgar Allan Poe or Robert Louis Stevenson and also other excellent gothic writers of that period than to most writers working now, Perfume, is a singular, fresh, story of mystery, suspense, and insanity.

Critical oil: Fragrant supplies which have been extracted from a supply materials read more instantly as a result of distillation or expression and obtained in the shape of the oily liquid. Oils extracted by way of expression are sometimes referred to as expression oils.

Modifiers: These elements change the principal scent to provide the perfume a particular desired character: As an illustration, fruit esters can be included in a website floral Major to make a fruity floral; calone and citrus scents could be additional to make a "fresher" floral. The cherry scent in cherry cola can be deemed a modifier.

There's scientific evidence that nitro-musks including musk xylene could induce most cancers in a few precise animal tests. These reports have been evaluated from the EU Scientific Committee for Client Security (SCCS, previously the SCCNFP [forty eight]) and musk xylene was discovered for being Secure for continued use in cosmetic items.

His laboratory was linked along with her apartments by a solution passageway, to make sure that no formulae could be stolen en route. Thanks to Rene, France swiftly became one of the European facilities of perfume and cosmetics manufacture. Cultivation of flowers for his or her perfume essence, which experienced started during the 14th century, grew into A serious market within the south of France.

في ذلك الوقت لم تكفي عطورها الشهيرة اخفاء نتن فقر شوارعها وحتي أهلها قبل الثورة ..وفي دكان بيع سمك بأقذر أحياءها يولد جان باتيست جرينوي ..القاتل

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